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Out now: Into Galactic

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My new concept album Into Galactic has just been released. It is a story about my life beyond this world. I think with a lot of art is is better to leave the details to the imaginations of the audience, but the titles will give a strong sense of direction.


It has been a truly healing process, and allowed me to get where I want to be on a daily basis, both artistically and in my consciousness. It has been inspired by my lifetime of feeling like a visitor here, and has given me the sense of liberation and agency that we all need. 

You can hear it in full now on bandcamp, and it will hit all streaming services by the end of March. 

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sokamiru is a Bristol-based electronic music maker, producing mainly on modular synth and MPC. His genres wander from ambient cyberpunk to uptempo jams to unclassifiable trips.

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